The time before exams is the time where you should be the most focused on what you should do and what you shouldn’t do, so that you make the best use of the time before exams.Get more details about¬†¬†

This can help you have the best grades after your exams, that’s why you need to know how to study for exams, and in this post I will show you some of the most practical tips.


    • Organize your time for exams: you have to spend enough time to organize your time for each subject through the two weeks before exams. You should put more time for long subject and less time for short subjects, by doing so and studying in the exact time you put for your subject, you will manage to study each subject and gather the most information before exams.
    • Revise what you studied while relaxing: for me relaxing times were before I sleep, after I wake up and while I was bathing. I used to practice revision through those times which helped my mind to be so flexible through the exam time because I already practiced fetching information while there are no studying materials in front of my eyes.
    • Write the questions of previous years exams: get previous years’ exams and write their questions without answering them. By doing so you can help yourself know the most important parts in the subject and the parts that are less important to focus your study efforts more on these parts while studying.
    • Mix between what you know more and what you know less: sure there are parts that you know better than others, focusing on what you know will make you assured that you will solve them through the exam. Study what you know less too by mixing what you know better with what you know less, for example: study the first hour what you know and then study what you know less the next hour, by doing this you will decrease being bored before exams which can affect your study time.
  • Solve the questions of each part you studied: now you have studied a good part of the subject, return back to the exams you studied in step 3 and solve the questions related to what you studied. Mark the questions that you think they are related to what you studied so that you can return back to them when you know their answers.


The time before exams is sensitive for all students and managing the time before exam is essential to have the best utilized effort to study for your exams.

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