Your horoscope is your unique identification number or your unique I.P address allotted to you by the almighty, wherein he has scribbled your life path in a coded language which only he or his able men can decipher.

The path you could follow, the life you could lead, the pleasure you could get, the peace you could obtain and other things are all coded by the almighty and bundled horoscope them up in a two dimensional figure known as a horoscope or Kundli which is nothing but the pictorial view of the sky at the time of birth of the individual.

Whole of the sky or the zodiac is bifurcated in to twelve zones, places to be simple, and each zones has a peculiar set of traits. We can understand this by equating this features to the different places in the world, which by virtue of their location are all different from each other, may it be geographically or climatically or by people who occupy it.

The planets revolve around our solar system and at the time of assigning this unique ID or horoscope to the individual which is time when the birth of the individual takes place, it is just ascertained that which planets is in which zone or sign.

The horoscope is then casted depicting the placement of the zones or sign and placing the planets in the various zones as seen from the earth at that time.

This unique code or horoscope apart from being bifurcated in twelve zones is further subdivided in to twenty seven sub-zones known as nakshatra or constellations just as the same way a nation is divided into several states, for its better in-depth reading.

This horoscope is known as the ascendant chart or horoscope, which is further assisted by fifteen more divisional charts to unfold the various segments of life of an individual.

The application of the methodologies of Vedic Astrology on different horoscopes can solve the otherwise mysterious future of any individual.

We may not change the direction of the flowing wind but we can certainly direct the rudder of our boat in the manner most suitable to the flowing wind and this is the essence of astrology and reading horoscope.

So, when this world is not devoid of able people who can crack the unique identification number/ horoscope of an individual, it should be one’s prime duty of an individual to get an elaborate reading done so that the right path to be followed becomes crystal clear in front of him.

An able guide who can see through the future is much more than what any one can ask or dream for.

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